What makes our fillet table Superior to our competitors?

Whether it’s called a fish-cleaning table, fish cleaning station, or a fillet table, after looking around at the other available fillet tables out there, we’re convinced that our Fish Cleaning Tables are the best around!

What is it exactly that makes our table superior? Well, everything!

From materials to design, there is no comparison!

Other fillet tables are made, from PVC, wood, or stainless steel. Overtime these materials will rot, erode and decay.

Recent studies conducted by independent labs such as the Madison Group have shown that PVC plastic can become toxic, and harmful to the environment & that 85% of all PVC pipes fail.

Pressure treated wood and coated stainless steel, do not last long and will succumb to the elements.

Filet-table.com uses only the highest-grade quality marine grade anodized aluminum, which is also used the aviation industry.

Why Anodized Aluminum? For one: anodized aluminum will never rust, and second: our fillet tables anodized aluminum has been proven in the harshest marine conditions to withstand, corrosion, oxidation, and pitting.