Combines Quality with Innovative Ergonomic Designs

Contact: Zach Gafford
Tel: 239-573-9040

Cape Coral Fl, May 11th 2010 – has introduced their first product line that many believe will become the number one product for the cleaning and filleting of fish and other seafood. is combining quality craftsmanship with innovative ergonomic designs, making their products stand out from their competition. “Most fillet-tables are bulky and not very appealing aesthetically or in quality” said Zach Gafford, owner of “Our vision is to manufacture a better, more space saving product, everything that we use, from the anodized aluminum to the cutting surface are of the highest standard.” When asked of other fillet tables, Zach Gafford added “From what we have seen from our competitors are nothing short of cheap, aftermarket and inferior materials being used to make a fillet table that does not last, the claims they make about the materials they use are often misleading and false, and their products are being sold at very high and inflated prices.” is committed to changing all that by making better, more ergonomic products that are affordable, but also strong, lightweight, versatile and will stand the tests of time. is focused on cleanliness, quality, the life of the product, customer satisfaction and compliance. Compliance for many years was overlooked, now it is vital part of doing business. These factors make us look forward to watching with great interest, as it will no doubt continue to grow and prosper.

As for the future, Zach Gafford, wants to take products into the kitchen and on the go. R&D at is working on new products such as hybrid cutting boards and butcher blocks as well as new fillet tables that are portable and can be taken to and on any body of water.

For further information, contact Zach Gafford at 239-573-9040.