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The most elite, professional, and premiere fillet table out there!

At Fillet-Table.com™ our mission is to enhance the thrill of the fishing experience by manufacturing the highest quality, professional filleting table available. Whether a professional or a novice Angler, Fillet-table.com products makes cleaning fish, comfortable and easy

Our fillet tables strong lightweight frame is made from marine grade aluminum which ensures that the frame will not rust or corrode. Our frames are available both anodized or powder coated finishes.

Our fillet tables cutting surface is made from marine grade Starboard™, available in both regular and non-skid finishes. The fillet table surfaces will never, warp, break, crack, splinter, rot, or stain.

Fillet-Table.com cutting surfaces are a sanitary, non-porous cutting board that will not dull your knives and will not absorb bacteria producing food particles.

Our fillet tables cutting surface is also non-absorbent; ensuring that it will prevent liquids, odors, mildew, mold, or other harmful bacteria’s from penetrating the surface.

Fillet-table.com cutting surface’s can resist, abrasive chemicals, acidic solutions and stains, and other marine grade solvents.

Our fillet-tables cutting surface has also been weather tested from -40 degrees F to 180 degrees F, standing up to the harshest marine environments making it perfect for any location!

Fillet-Table.com cutting surface have been rigorously tested, approved and certified by the FDA, OSHA and USDA as an approved cutting surface and food preparation surface.

Fillet-Table.com products are the best, the most durable and most versatile tables out there, making it ideal not only for cleaning fish, but crabs, lobsters, clams, oysters, mussels and etc.

Don’t be taken in by cheap imitations, Invest in the best!!!

Fillet-Table.com is also proud to offer custom design as well, built to suit any customer’s needs. For custom orders contact us.

Fillet-Table.com™ products are made with pride in the USA.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
Fillet-Table.com™ products are made to maintain their color and finish for the lifetime of the product. Only routine cleaning or pressure washing with common detergents is required. Fillet-Table.com recommends using nylon scrub pads and brushes should be used with care because excessive force can mar the finish. For resistant stains, apply bleach and allow it to soak in. Use citrus cleaner, alcohol or mineral spirits to remove grease or oil stains. Household mineral oil can help to hide scratches in the surface. Fillet-Table.com™ recommends keeping product away from heat sources that exceed 180 degrees F. Because Fillet-Table.com™ products are designed to resist water and grime, they cannot be painted and the use of adhesives is not recommended.